Our acts make or mar us, -- we are the children of our own deeds.
-- Victor Hugo



Saturday, November 28, 2015

More love and less drama

Life is challenging enough. Don’t make it more challenging by adding unnecessary drama and conflict.

When you have the choice between fighting and forgiveness, forgive. When you have the choice between resentment and reconciliation, see if you can reconcile.

Those who decline to carry a grudge have a much lighter load. Those who focus on giving, encounter a lot less resistance.

Be willing to step up to life’s challenges, be ready to stand up for yourself and defend all you hold dear. But don’t fight and struggle just to fight and struggle.

Instead of looking for a fight, look for a peaceful way forward. Instead of seeking revenge, work to lift your world so high that any revenge would be meaningless.

You’ve seen how beautiful and joyful life can be, if you will just let it. Just let it, by creating more love and less drama.

— Ralph Marston


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