Man can be defeated but not destroyed.
-- Ernest Hemingway



Friday, February 15, 2002

Great to be alive

Today is a beautiful day to be alive. It is a moment in time that is yours to live. It is filled with opportunity, and there are challenges as well -- challenges that will compel you to grow and become stronger. This day is yours from which to draw the priceless experience of living.

In this day, right where you are, there is astonishing beauty to be found, if only you will stop to see it. There are valuable lessons to be learned, if you’ll take the time to consider them. This day is a blessing that has no equal and it is yours even now, as you marvel at its unique value. Just think of all you can do with this great and glorious day.

Think and consider, then get up and do. The real value of today is in the living of it. Be thankful that this day is yours, and express your gratitude by making full use of it. Today is a priceless gift waiting to be opened, so by all means open it up and live its full promise.

What a joy it is to be alive on a day like today. Be as fully alive as you can be and astonishingly, you’ll make it even better.

— Ralph Marston


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